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Please find a small sample of the services we provide. If something is not listed below and it has to do with your pool, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you or provide the name of another business that may be able to help you.

Guardian Swimming Pool Fence Systems

We are the exclusive dealer for this high quality mesh fence system in Ottawa. This product is fabricated in the United States using a patented mesh available only to Guardian. There are others that look like ours but they are only copies. The fencing can be installed as 'permanent' or removable.

We have the product to meet your needs. Our fence comes in 4', 4.5' and 5' in a variety of mesh and pole colours. We also have a self closing, self latching and manual locking gate so that you don't have to compromise convenience for safety. These fences have been keeping families safe for over 30 years now. The difference is quality and training. When it comes to the safety of your back yard, let us help you meet your needs.

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For more information on our Guardian® mesh fence, contact us.

Testing and Balancing

Why are you spending your weekend running to the pool store when we will come to you. We use superior testing equipment for better results and treat your pool immediately with the highest quality products.

For more information on our Testing and Balancing, click here.


We provide professional and reliable pool repair service in the Ottawa area because we know the importance of fixing any issues quickly to avoid any further damage. Just a sample of some of our services are re-plumbing of all types, plumbing leak repairs, liner repair and replacement. if you have any repair issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Through water testing, it has become clear that many pools have leaks. Most people attribute losing water to evaporation but this is usually NOT the case. ROBCO WATER has developed a complete system to this end.

Using state of the art equipment, we will detect and measure the severity of your leak using Leakalyzer® and report how much water loss is evaporation vs. actual leak. No more unreliable 'bucket test' that takes days for sketchy results at best.

Using LeakTrak2400®, we will be able to positively locate any and every pinhole in your liner. As this works on conductivity, there is no hole that will escape being detected.

Plumbing issues are every bit as serious as far as a leak goes. They are also tricky to locate and expensive to fix. There is also the fact that digging up your entire yard is unsightly and expensive. In order to try and minimize this situation, we have purchased the best pressure testing equipment that will allow us to pressurize ANY plumbing without having to cut into pipes. Once we confirm that a plumbing leak exists and narrow the location, we will use our GeoPhone system to locate the underground leak to within a few inches.

As leaks affect water balance, promote algae growth and equipment wear, finding and eliminating a leak is a crutial service. Using the newest technology, we will quickly address these problems so you can get back to enjoying your pool.

If you are adding water more than once a month or adding lots of chemicals on a regular basis, you should contact us as you may have a leak.


Opening and closing your swimming pool for the season can be a daunting task and most home owners choose to leave it to professionals. ROBCO offers pool opening and closing packages for both in-ground and above ground pools so you can do what you like to do, and we can open and close your pool for you.

For more information on our Maintenance packages, click here

NEW X10 Water Filter

For my customers using well water to top up the pool or hot tub, this is for YOU!

Filling from your well is not wise because of the contaminants in well water. The X10 water filter will remove those contaminants and provide BOTTLED WATER QUALITY from your garden hose. Each filter will treat up to 10000 gallons before needing replacement.

When I first saw these, I was very skeptical of the claims. Since I have well water, I brought one in for testing. I tested the 'raw' water then the 'refined' water. The change was incredible. These results were also present when I tested City of Ottawa water so it doesn't matter if you are using city or well water, this product will improve your source water.

Check out the X10 water filter video

Please contact us for more information and to book your X10 water filter delivery.

Equipment Sales

As a dealer with three major pool equipment companies, we can supply any make, any model of pool equipment including and not limited to pumps, filters, heaters, control systems, liners, covers, chemicals, and even pool toys. We will even sell you a kit if you feel like installing it yourself or through your favourite contractor. Please feel free to contact us.

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