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To be knowledgeable in every aspect of swimming pools so that any question asked by the customer will be answered in a professional and accurate manner. We will always take the time to explain the cause of the problem and how we propose to correct it.
Our primary focus is to have happy customers with crystal clear, safe swimming pools so we spend the entire winter taking courses and training. There is always something to learn or improved techniques to better serve you and your pool.

Through extensive and constant training, we have become Core Water Chemistry Specialists (Lowry School) and CPO certified (PHTA). Not only are we trained, we have an in-house certified instructor (Certified with both PHTA and PCTI).
With this foundation in swimming pool water chemistry, we have built an entire customer base on referrals and presently service 500+ pools with our MOBILE BALANCING PROGRAM. Thats over 3.5 MILLION litres of water that we treat DAILY!
Using advanced technology and intense training, ROBCO WATER has also become one of the leading company's for leak detection and location in the Ottawa area.

For 20+ years, Robco Water has developed relationships with the leading pool equipment suppliers and has access to a complete inventory of pool equipment, parts, chemicals and anything pool related. We are happy to supply to you at a discount or you can take the opportunity to have our professional staff install any new equipment you require.

About Rob


  • PHTA certified aquatics instructor (2017)
  • Ontario Licensed Carpenter (1994)
  • PHTA certified CPO (2012)
  • Lowry School graduate, with honours, as Core Water Chemistry specialist (2012)
  • Professional OTR transport driver 19+ yrs experience (1996)


  • Involved with swimmer safety, pool safety, pool equipment, chemical handling, proper pool water balancing since 1982
  • Started installing in-ground liners 1992
  • Learning proper in-ground pool building techniques and repair since 2009
  • Familiar with modern pool equipment and control systems
  • Experienced in liner repair and replacement for in-ground and above ground pools

Hobbies and Interests:

  • SCUBA diving, golf, RC airplane building, travel
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