Pool Opening and Closing

Opening and closing your swimming pool for the season can be a daunting task and most homeowners choose to leave it to professionals. ROBCO offers pool opening and closing packages for both inground and above ground pools so you can do what you like to do, and we can open and close your pool for you.


We ready your pool for a hassle free summer of splash and fun. At a ROBCO opening we will

  • Pump off and remove winter cover (if applicable)
  • Drain and roll up water socks
  • Shock pool water (if possible)
  • Adjust water volume to operating (your hose)
  • Assemble pool plumbing system and check for leaks if possible (pool must be able to run)

Above Ground: $125.00 + hst, add $50.00 + hst for removal of cover

In-Ground: $150.00 + hst, Add $100.00 + hst for removal of cover


We ready your pool for the winter so it's safely closed and ready to go the next year. At a ROBCO closing we will:

  • Drop water to closing level*
  • Drain water from pumping system and lines
  • Plug returns, winterize lights and skimmer
  • Fill water socks
  • Install winter cover (if applicable)

To include a winterizing kit (STRONGLY ADVISED) add $50.00 plus HST

Above Ground $125.00 + HST, add $50.00 + HST for installation of your cover

In-Ground $225.00 + HST, add $100.00 + HST for installation of your cover

* new municipal regulations and bylaws may prohibit draining of pool
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