Testing and Balancing
Pool Testing

We have taken a new and exciting approach to pool testing!
Dont rely on test strips or some seasonal worker at the pool box store. You need precise results evaluated by a water chemistry specialist. Someone who will do what is right for your pool water and will take all the variables into account when offering a balancing solution.

Stop spending your weekend running to the pool store when we will come to you, use superior testing equipment for better results and treat your pool immediately with the highest quality products.

Lamotte Spin Lab Testing

We are now using the Lamotte Spin Lab process, and this means more accurate test results and better water quality. Our STATE OF THE ART spinlab is superior to the store lab so give it a try.

Your pool is a huge investment and should be treated as such.

Trouble Free Pool aka The Program

With so many happy customers over the years, we have been able to formulate a balancing program that will 'keep it simple'.

Each visit, we will run a full evaluation of your pool water using the NEW Lamotte Spin Lab. The results will be written in your permanent record book along with balancing recommendations. You will be provided with a copy for your records and a copy will remain in your permanent file at our offices.
Since we are doing the work, your file copy will show 'done' at each step offering you proof that the water was balanced. When you use the box store, all you have is a paper showing your water was not balanced!

With these detailed results, we will then balance your pool using the highest quality commercial products to guarantee bather comfort and pool equipment protection.

This program will cost $25.75 + HST (per visit) plus the cost of any chemicals used to balance your pool water. This way, you will only pay for what you use. No more buying a 3kg pail to get the 100g needed. This also eliminates storing the unused portion as well as handling dangerous chemicals.

***ROBCO WATER will measure your salt level and make recommendations to correct the level, however, adjusting your salt level is not part of this program.

While on this program, you will receive a visit and adjustment every two weeks for the duration of the swimming season. This will ensure your pool stays clean and clear all summer.

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